Skigo Cross Country i Roller Narty Tip Zestaw

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Średnica: 8mm
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Skigo Adapter Do Snow Basket
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Skigo Adapter Do Snow Basket
Skigo Adapter Do Snow Basket (8mm) (1 sztuka)
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Easy exchangeable tips for cross country and roller ski poles - Fits only SkiGo thread system

Set of four tips with internal threads for easy connection on SkiGo thread tip mounted on the ski poles. Included is one set for roller skiing and three for cross country skiing

Note that your ski poles must have a thread part mounted in order to be able to connect these tips. A ski pole with this thread (already mounted with one snow basket) is the SkiGo Vase 18/19 cross country ski poles.

Your benefits

  • Now you only need one pole for roller skiing and cross country skiing
  • Change easily between different sizes on snow basket - Race, performance and touring
  • Included is a tip for roller skiing without the snow basket