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Flat peak caps for skaters

Find your new skater cap among popular brands like Vans, Santa Cruz and many other well-known brands on this page. We offer a wide selection of flat peak caps (aka snapback caps) from strong brands that specifically make their caps for skaters with a keen eye for details.

What is a snapback / flat peak cap?

The snapback cap name originates from the way the cap is closed. On the back of any real flat peak cap there’s a plastic strap with snap buttons which you can use to adjust the size. Size is therefore not a thing to consider when you’re buying a flat peak cap, since the snap closure provides you with a one-size-fits-all cap.


At SkatePro you can also find strapbacks. Strapbacks is much alike snapbacks. Both are adjustable caps but the difference lies behind the way they are adjusted. With strapbacks you’ll need to adjust by using a leather strap or poly strap on the back of the cap, while a snapback is adjusted by using a plastic strap (as mentioned above) with snap buttons – a so-called snap closure.

In the skatepark with your snapback on

A snapback cap is almost a must-have i any skater wardrobe. Not only because the cap completes the skater look, but also because you can avoid getting blinded by the sun when you're hanging out at the skatepark. Remember to change your snapback with your helmet when grinding and sliding on ramps, rails and other objects. Our caps are simply designed but good looking so that they fit any girl's or boy's outfit.

Snapbacks - from baseball to hip hop

Snapbacks came through already in the 1950’s when american baseball players started using the cap as part of their uniform. When fitted caps gained popularity the snapback ended up in the background. The size of the caps were originally based on standard hat sizes, but in the 80’s and 90’s something happened that changed the design and popularity of snapback caps. The growing hip hop culture and the use of flat peak caps in hip hop fashion during these decades made the flat peak cap increasingly popular, and it became a one-size-fits-all cap because of the adjustable snap closure. Many people probably remember the comedy series “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” with Will Smith as the leading actor, who was often seen wearing a snapback or strapback cap.

At the end of the 90’s snapbacks fell in popularity but thanks to famous rappers such as Chris Brown, Kanye West and Jay-Z who often wore these caps, the snapback cap became fashionable again.