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Win The Race Cover Fluid 100 ml

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Maximize your speed when alpine skiing, snowboarding or cross country skiing with this glider kit for the base.

The WinTheRace Cover Fuild is a non-toxic and odorless fluid to gain and renew the speed of your winter sport equipment.

The fluid is transparent and consists of super high molecular and hydrophobic silicium compounds that provide you with the perfect glide over the snowy surface.

It comes in a very handy and easy-to-use little spray bottle with 100ml and is applicable in temperature range from +8°C to -30°C

How to use:

1) Clean the base
2) Spray on the WinTheRace Cover Fuild on the base of your winter sport equipment with a distance of 10cm.
3) Evenly spread out the fluid with a small dry cloth.
4) After one minute you are ready to use your sport equipment - no need to brush or scrape


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