Rossignol X-ium Classic WC3 WB Cross Country Skis

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The new X-ium Classic WC C3 White Base is an elite-level ski designed for competitive athletes. The WC3 White Base version features a harder white base allowing for a deeper base structure and is more hydrophobic for optimum performance in dirty and/or wet snow conditions. Featuring 3D Profile construction, Nomex Honeycomb core and Control Edge ABS sidewalls, X-ium Classic skis are ultra-lightweight and deliver powerful and precise performance. New Bi-Edge technology provides a longer camber pocket, combined with a specialized kick zone for a stronger, easier kick. The C3 White Base version has taller camber height designed for use with klister kick wax.
Premounted with NIS plate - Only for NNN bindings.

Recommended: Choose a ski that fit skiers weight + a ski length approximately 25cm higher than person length.

Lenght vs. weight guide:

  • 208 cm 80 kg +
  • 203 cm 65-80 kg
  • 198 cm 55-70 kg
  • 191 cm 54-64 kg
  • 186 cm 40-50 kg

Notice: When purchasing both skis and bindings from us, we mount your bindings for free. If applicable, add your boot size as a comment to your order.


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