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Xsjado Team 2.0 Skeleton But Only

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Nearly ten years after the first Xsjado skate was released, the completely redesigned Xsjado 2.0 emerges.

It features 4 shell sizes to make the footwraps fit better in each shell all the shells are adjustable. See the chart.
The cuffposition is still adjustable, as you know it from all other XSJADOS.

The soulframe is now made of one piece. The results in a weight reduction of the skate, a lower center of gravity and it increases the responsiveness and control of the skate. The new material of the soulplates makes it possible to grind faster than with the old souls.

Another highlight is the separated cuff. It is moveable now and improves the flexibility to the front and the side. Further more the cuff now features a buckle protection wall - what also allows to mount regular buckles (optional).

In addition the instep strap and double ring for the upper strap can be adjusted on three points now. You can adjust the Cuff to the right position to make sure your shoe fits well with the shell.

If you like the old soul- and baseplates or cuffs you still can use it on the new XSJADO!

Notice: Footwrap / Shoe not included. You can use any of your slim type shoe you want.


Rodzaj buta:
Hard, Rozmiar do regulacji
Cechy wkładek:
2x Klamra, Micro-adjustment buckle, Rzep
But - materiał:
Textile, Plastik
Materiał wkładki:
Memory foam
Flexible, Wysokie podparcie boczne
Backslide plate:
Polecany do:

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