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USD Team 20 Years Kółka Do Rolek Agresywnych 4-pak

119,00 zł
Średnica + twardość: 68mm - 90A
68mm - 90A
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Kółka drużyny USD dostępne w czteropaku. Idealnie sprawdzą się podczas jazdy agresywnej i w setupach urban inline. Wykonano je z wysokiej jakości sprężystego poliuretany, co pomaga zoptymalizować każde odepchnięcie i zapewnia jak najlepsze przeniesienie siły.

W tej wersji kółka ozdobiono grafikami na cześć dwudziestolecia drużyny Universal Skate Design.

ModelŚrednica koła
64mm - 90A64mm
68mm - 90A68mm
Twardość kół:
Kół w paczce:
Rdzeń (koła):
Łożyska i tulejki:
Opinie   (67)
This is the product I ordered & it meets my expectations in 100%. Original parts, perfect feet with bearings, bolts & rails of my old 5th Element skate boots I've already had. Wheels are working great so far. Much better dynamic & fast in comparison with my old, shabby & totally eroded Senate's.
Sylwester M. (Kraków)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
These wheels are awesome! Very smooth and fast, and even after 8 hours of pretty hard use on rough asphalt, they have only lost 0.03 inches of diameter (yes, I actually check my wheels with calipers), and are basically still rolling like new. Just wish they made a 76mm version!
Gregory T. (Nashua)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
The wheels look good and I believe they will last.Thanks!
Sean Eric Schrader (Bolivar)
Ocena: 4 z 5!
Great wheels smooth as silk
gary allason (benfleet)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
The wheels within a week of going to the skatepark are misshaped and deformed
Dean T. (Lucan)
Ocena: 2 z 5!
Odpowiedź od SkatePro:  Hi Dean,

Very sorry to hear that the wheels were misshaped/deformed so quickly after the purchase. I see that you didn't get in touch with us about it. Could you send over some pictures of the deformed wheels so we can help you out? ✌ We always help our customers with possible issues they are having! /Justin
Good wheels. Lasted long time
Mario G. (London)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
Great wheels
R. davies (Hereford)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
Chunks of the wheels started falling off after only a couple hours of use down the sidewalk. Skatepro sent replacement wheels but only sent one pack of four instead of 2. Now one skate is has new wheels and the other has worn in ones so it throws off my balance.
Christopher Fiddelke (Port Saint Lucie)
Ocena: 2 z 5!
Odpowiedź od SkatePro:  Sorry to hear that. If you think that something is wrong with the material, please send us pictures and short description of what happened, and we are happy to find a solution for you. 😎
Good Quiality. Good Loking product.
Oscar A. (Pleasanton)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
Perfect fit on my Razor Superflats - replacing the Cream wheels. they feel well balanced with plenty of traction.
Nigel Kelly (Julianstown, Co. Meath)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
Really impressed with these wheels. I had previously purchased some Anarchy wheels and they split in half after about 3mm wear (before I could even move them to another position, and this happened 3 times). These have worn nicely. Seem to wear a little fast, but I'm a big guy so thats probably the weight put on them, but no sign of splitting at all. Will definitely be buying again. Company wise, first time with SkatePro, item arrived promptly and no cpmplaints. Will buy from them again, hopefully the positive results continue! (I did consider also removing 2 stars because of the lack of a sticker.... but I got one ;-) )
Scott M. (Bristol)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
Second set - just as pleased with them as I was the first. I’m a figure skater with no access to ice thanks to COVID-19 so my new wheels are my new training set up and I’m loving them. Will definitely buy again when required. They’re tough enough to cope in the real world, but give a shock-absorbing and very smooth ride - they’re perfect. (Website advice was great too).
Sarah Graham (Bodmin)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
These wheels were made by gods and goddesses. X
Kevin Fuller (Margate)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
Hi, everything was nice but i didin't get i sticker, i don't order it but everywhere says i will get sticker. No sticker,no presents at all :) p. s. i love those wheels
Darius sosnovskij (Klaipėda)
Ocena: 3 z 5!
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