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Powerslide Spinner 80 Kółko 4-pak

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Średnica: 80mm
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Zestaw 4 kółek do rolek firmy Powerslide, idealny do freeskating.

Kółka Spinner mają średnicę 80 mm, twardość 85A oraz wyposażono je w nylonowy rdzeń.

Łożyska należy dokupić oddzielnie.

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Jacek stefański (Radom)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
First off, I’d like to say that these are great wheels and I’d recommend them to anyone that is looking for: slalom/freestyle wheels, outdoor hockey wheels, and urban skating (freeride) wheels I use my skates a lot, roughly 7-12 hours a week, and usually I can tell if a wheel is good if it hasn’t been worn down significantly within the first week of usage (just to point out, I mainly skate on concrete). These wheels have held up and have met my standards, they’re made of polyurethane and have a hardness of 85A (decent - good for outdoor skating, depending on how much you skate). The profile of this wheel is very similar to the bullet profile of an Undercover wheel, except that it’s barely a little bit rounder. I don’t have anything else to say other than that these wheels are high quality and are fit to do many things, both indoors and outdoors. If you are looking for a great wheel, one that’s going to last you awhile, I’d recommend these.
Logan Starckx (Woodford)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
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