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Matter Juice EMT wheels 8-pack

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Super wheel for speedskaters. Matter wheels from USA is using the Footprint notation. F1 is footprint 1, F2 is footprint 2.

Pimp your Juice with EMT (Energy Management Technology).
EMT is a hub system that brings inline speed skating to a whole new level. Drastically improving the roll, grip, and even life of the wheel.

F0 road - equals 86A for use on road (orange) is the hardest of the EMT Juices. Most skaters do not skate a full orange setup. They mix it with yellow, white or green for more comfort depending on the conditions.

F1 road - equals 85A for use on road (yellow) is the most popular of the EMT Juices & will roll for days. Perfect conditions call for Yellow; mix with Green or White for optimal comfort

F2 road - equals 84A for use on road (white) is right between Green & Yellow in the Family. If you have smooth roads to skate on, White is the wheel for you

F3 road - equals 83A for use on road (green) is the softest urethane of the Juice Family, making it perfect for virtually any road or track; mixes great for grip

Including practical carrying box for 8 wheels.

Specyfikacja modelu

ModelTwardość kółWagaŚrednica koła
100mm - F0F0118g100mm
100mm - F1F1118g100mm
100mm - F2F2118g100mm
100mm - F3F3118g100mm
105mm - F1F1124g105mm
105mm - F2F2124g105mm
105mm - F3F3124g105mm
110mm - F1F1132g110mm
110mm - F2F2132g110mm
110mm - F3F3132g110mm


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