Rollerblade Blade tool

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Handy multi-function tool with 6 functions.
The material is chrom-vanadium steel with no-slip rubber coating in ergonomically correct design. With these 6 functions you always have the right tool for maintenance of your skates. The 6 functions are:

  • Bearing press (2 types)
  • Bearing extractor
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 4 mm hex tool
  • Spacer centering

Opinie klientów

A handy tool to have in your skate bag, I use it to check my wheels and cuffs for tightness each time I go out.
Laurence Durrant (Yateley, Hampshire)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
Usefull tool...
Carlos Osorio
Ocena: 4 z 5!