Eclat Servo Uniwersalna przednia osłonka na piastę BMX

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Darmowa wysyłka od 349 zł
Dostawa 2-4 dni robocze
365 dni na zwrot

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Servo to przednia uniwersalna osłonka piasty wykonana ze stali chromowo-molibdenowej. Grubość wynosząca jedynie 1,8 mm sprawia, że pasuje ona do większości piast freestyle BMX i chroni je przed wygięciem i wyszczerbieniem.


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Opinie   (15)

Really love the Eclat front hub servo guards. They look amazing once on the bike and solid. I had a bit of a tight fit also like another comment. But I filed down the back rim on both with a metal file and they work a treat. Hub guards are a must if you plan to learn grinds and these will last you probably from beginner to pro level.
T. Walker (Cambridge)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
I've been running these both sides for about a month now and they're pretty tough. They slide well on rails and waxed ledges, and are well sized in terms of diameter, so as not to be too bulky but give enough coverage for the hub flange and spoke elbows. Fit: I have had to spread my forks ever so slightly to fit the wheel in, but that's not a bad thing, everything is good a snug. I'm running a female front hub, and all works well. I do find myself hanging up on the guards from time to time on double pegs and smiths, but that's probably more to do with me. Heat treated 4140 is probably going to outlast me. I wanted to switch to chromoly guards as I don't like the idea of contributing to more plastic waste. These are pretty decent, fairly priced if you consider they'll outlast plastic guards several times over. My experience of Eclat is that they make great, well conceived and engineered products.
Sam B. (London)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
Excellent product! Fitted without any problems. Looks really good. Excellent service from skatepro. The products Arrived on time, regular updates, from ordering to delivery.
Robert Hepburn (Grimsby)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
Keir Hay (Glasgow)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
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