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Gyro Free Ride F2R 4-pak

109,00 zł
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Kółka do rolek od dobrze znanej marki Gyro. F2R oznacza, że kółka przeznaczone są do jazdy freeskatowej. Ten model to jeden z najbardziej popularnych kółek jeśli chodzi o jazdę slalomową. Twardość 85A.


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Średnica koła:
72mm, 76mm, 80mm

Opinie klientów

They are fast, 'grippy' and hard wearing. Perfect!
Cdu P. (Salford)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
Amazed with how hardy these things are! I usually go for cheapy wheels but decided to splash out this time after watching a review of these. They just don't wear! I recon I've done at least 25 - 30 miles on them so far and they're nowhere near needing a rotation yet. My only gripe when buying was that the red colour that I wanted was a fair bit more expensive than the yellow and I don't really get why colour should impact price (I just went for yellow as I didn't want to pay another £10 just for colour) I'm obviously not marking down for that though. These are now my new fav wheels and will defiantly buy again! Delivery was also very fast. Arrived in the UK in around 2 or 3 days.
Stephan Torcy (Worcester Park)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
It's really good weels.
Tomas Kupciunas (Gravesend)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
I got a faulty set of these wheels, and SkatePro replaced them very quickly. They're very good wheels, I would recommend them for people who skate a lot as they're very durable. I prefer them to hyper-concretes.
William S. (London)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
Fabulous wheels. Step up from old "Bulzeye" 80a. Though the leap to 85a would mean a harsh slippy ride by comparison but absolutely not - these are smooth and grippy over tarmac and carry speed well. I'm riding 76mm on an older skate. My new skates' in-house 80mm 84a wheels are slower by comparison... I'll be upgrading to 80mm F2Rs ASAP (in red too coz it's gorgeous).
Nigel S. (Warwick)
Ocena: 5 z 5!
Good outdoor wheels, but I have expected some better durability.
Marijan L. (Stuttgart)
Ocena: 3 z 5!
Very durable wheels and worth buying!
Juho Hakkarainen (Palokka)
Ocena: 5 z 5!